Brisbane - Surf City

You cannot talk about Surfing without talking about Brisbane. Brisbane is one of the largest cities in Australia. Preciously, it ranks third in terms of size but first in surfing. Brisbane is situated  in the East coast with a population of around 1.7 million. This is a clear indication that Brisbane presents a special delicacy which attracts people to migrate towards this end. This city is approximately 15 KMs from the great Pacific Ocean. No, wonder the common surfing activities along the ocean. If you want to know why Brisbane is a surfing city, then read through.

What makes Brisbane your current surfing destination?

I am certainly concerned about the higher relocations towards Brisbane. What is the driving force behind this wave? I once heard some college students discuss about their holiday adventure in Brisbane. This was at California state university where I paid a visit to my long grade 10 friend who was a lecturer at the university. As I waited, I heard this two young fellows discuss. The topic caught me, so I approached them. “Hello friends” I echoed. They did not talk to me at once, instead they continued with their catchy story… “Last holiday our family visited Brisbane city. Do you imagine what we specifically enjoyed?” I was curious to hear… “Great surfing, the city is cool and was fun, we explored the great Pacific Ocean, and it was a great experience.”

Initially I had heard some people say that Brisbane presented a precise place for surfing. Now I was there listening the same story from my juniors. So a numbers of questioned passed through my mind. All the same, I needed to know why Brisbane is known to be a “surfing city.”

1.     Strategic location

Perhaps a quick look at Australia you will realize that all the major cities are located along the beach. For instance, cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane etc. This is one of the score of Brisbane towards gaining its current fame in surfing. Brisbane River with its mangroves and even the Pacific Ocean make the deal even better. Its climate is all what tourists look for from every corner of the world. Easy accessibility to the beach and a lot of surfing all adds up to this list of victory. Brisbane is located on the major Gold coast and the sunshine coast hence availing better temperatures to stay in water even longer. Particularly, this is the reason why most people will admire their surfing experience in Brisbane places with adverse climate.

2.     Easy accessibility to beaches

Brisbane stands out to be one of the hot cakes in terms of relaxation and enjoyment of your holiday. Precisely, this city is merely one-hour’s drive from the most admired beaches. Caloundra a sunshine coast located at the north is around one hour and thirty minutes drive. In addition, the sandy beaches are at an eye throw away. Redcliffe situated at the north and Southport at the south forms the most treasured sand beaches in Brisbane. All these fuel the attraction of Brisbane making it a hot cake for surfers.

3.     Surfing learning centers

Unlike other cities, Brisbane presents the best surfing tuition centers. If you enter into Brisbane’s surfing training centers, you will definitely come out an impeccable surfer. To be specific, the package that most of these centers avails is far much higher than what it will cost you in any other city. Surfing is a dangerous activity, it is either you beat the waves or it sweeps you away. Therefore getting the best tips and ideas on how you can enjoy the waters is imperative. Among the packages that you will get from these intensive training includes

  •  Get to start surf lessons mainly for beginners  
  • Private Sessions for those who need one to one touch
  • Exemplary and cheap board hires. You do not need to worry, come with your own board 
  • Summer’s “hot” stand up great paddle lessons 
  • Vouchers especially for gifts are given hence motivating more people to surf once and again.

Apart from surfing, Brisbane presents the following services that make the place fun. Some of these add-ons include

  • Free parking spaces.
  • Change rooms fitted with showers- After surfing and probably enjoying the sand and generally, the beach, it is obvious you will be dirty. Brisbane offers change rooms with properly maintained showers. This is where you will dress up and be ready for your journey back. 
  • Assured security- you will be sure of your life because there are professionals ready to rescue you in case you mess in the waters. 
  • Hotels and cheap and comfy accommodation

Brisbane offers a wider range of hotel facilities at varying prices. For those with huge budgets and ready to enjoy villas, resorts, and hotels will perfectly meet their specific needs. The location of these restaurants and Villas is great, making you capture and enjoy seeing the skyline.

Do you think that this is enough packages to attract more people to enjoy the surfing board? Certainly, I am sure that it opens up even for new surfers to realize their potential.

  • Enthralling attractions

You will enjoy enough attraction sites after surfing and basking on the sand. Some of these include Moreton Island that is 35 km from Brisbane. Clear outstanding lakes with lagoons, tall sand dunes, wild flowers, and beaches.

Learn kite surfing at Gold Coast in the heart of Australia

Have you ever imagined the fun that can come with surfing? I particularly did not believe this, like most people today. My visit turned my priorities all together. Kite surfing is a special area that can highly turn your life. It turned mine, now I am a talented kite surfing. This is a unique sport where you can learn and become a perfect surfer. If you are worried that you are too new in this area of sporting, just try it. The trick is simple, go to Brisbane and you will be home. The old, young and even the very elderly enjoy surfing. My first visit, I thought I could not. I tried it. I underwent a simple exercise; the first one was full of instructions. I feared, but the turn of events gave me the zeal to push on.

How is kite surfing different?

Wind power is the main player in this type of surfing. If you visit some beaches in Brisbane, you will probably have a touch of this kind of surfing. The board used in kite surfing resembles the walk board. The main difference is that in kite surfing, the legs are firm at a particular position to ensure that the board is intact. A specially designed kite is the main tool that is used in this surfing. The kit will take you to different levels of height assisting you to attain the speed that will really amaze you. If you enjoy the waters, then kite surfing will leave you amazed and ready to come back again and again.

Requirements when attending Kite surfing lesson in Brisbane.

This is simple; you will introduction of this type of surfing from professionals in Brisbane. Booking several lessons to get good grounds to scale to higher heights in this area is very imperative. Every time when you get to your surfing lessons, ensure that you have your swimsuit. This will assist you to go to higher levels of performance. Apart from these, you may require the following,

  • Sunglasses 
  • Towel 
  • A pair of clothes for changing 

What should you know?

Particularly, you should be aware that a stable learning curve applies in this kind of surfing. Learning and getting the experience is a process. Kite surfing is not isolated from this. As you do it from one period to another, your levels of performance will be increasing. Knowing how wind can affect your performance and even change your direction is imperative in this case. Understanding how to maneuver these two variables is the first instance of success. Learning the sign language is also a plus towards achieving the objectives. Etiquette and rules is the second tenet that you will not overlook if you need to be a perfect surfer. This two elements will assist you know when to give way and help you to get any type of assistance.


Unlike other cities where you can surf, Brisbane presents other things that you can do to spice your holiday. Some of the other things that you can enjoy in this great city include

A drive to the surfers’ paradise

There is great fun that you can enjoy. Driving to the lonely paradise is one of the ways of attaining maximum gist of your holiday in Brisbane. The sandy beaches and eye-catching sceneries are all amazing. This paradise presents great restaurants, clubs, and a number of nights out places. If you are a shopaholic, do not worry, the surfers paradise avails enough shops to get your commodities.

 Pay a visit to major parks

Brisbane is an all blessed city. Apart from offering a conducive, great surfing environment, you will have a touch of great and thrilling parks. Some of the parks that you will not afford to miss when in Brisbane  includes Movie World, Sea World, Dream World, Wet and sand etc.

Hike to National parks

Brisbane has just but enough things to enjoy. Tamborine is one of the national parks where you can easily finish your day without noticing. This exemplary place is located at the Gold coast Hinterland. It is one of the places, which gives the natural touch of nature. Here you will not only enjoy the tranquility but also you will see the great things that you have never seen. The photography environment is what you cannot afford to miss. The fields are big and this will give you bigger scenery as you walk from one end to another.

Whale watching activities

Once in Brisbane for surfing, you will also have access to the wonderful sea creatures. My first experience was great. I am certainly sure that this is one of the things, which will bring you back repeatedly. I have done it twice now within a period of three months. You can easily arrange with any cruise company for your visit. May to November is the best period to visit such places.

What are the best surf spots in Brisbane?

Certainly, to stand out of the crowd, you have to establish the best surf sports to enjoy your surfing. There are quite a number of such surf spots, where you can release maximum momentum while you are in the waters. These include

South East Queensland

If you have been looking for a super surfing Mecca, then in Brisbane you will find South East Queensland. Here you will have a perfect touch of the board. Surfers from all over the world flock the place for surfing. This spot offers world class surfing at a Ballina coastline all the way to the Sunshine coast. Additionally, it offers a great attraction mostly via surfing in boardshots or special swimming bikinis.

The great Superbank

Enjoy three main breaks, rainbow bay, green mount and the exemplary snapper rocks. This is a great man made creation, which came into play back in 2000’s. When you are behind the rock ledger mainly at snapper, there is a high probability of getting to Greenmount.  

Kirra point

It is strategically located at the north end of Superbank. Kirra point ranks among the top break places in the globe. Tonnes of billed sand have even made this spot even admirable. Enjoy your surfing, use the Kirra point to take it to further levels.

Burleigh heads

This point is a globally identified point break that has drastically pushed the Gold coast onto the global surfing point. This is strategically situated to trap those peelers who are alone. The place will give you a real touch of surfing.  

Unlike other cities, Brisbane offers amazing lessons in surfing. This will avail an opportunity to beat your targets and stay high in surfing. Explore Brisbane and you will never forget the experience.