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CENTAUR King of the Wind 2012

Event Description
EFPT is now close to ten years old, boasting 66 tour stops in nine European countries and in excess of €720,000 prize money, its serious windsurf business.  For first time in history, the top names from all over Europe will battle for superiority on the UK shores, and in turn, the overall 2012 European Champion title.
Aside from world class freestyle displays over the course of four epic days, there is plenty on the cards for all that attend including a demo weekend with plenty of kit from many leading brands, a spectacular night tow-in show, two awesome Global VIP party nights, €5000 prize money for the King of the Wind, a firework display, acoustic night and plenty more.
The EFPT UK round will see its first ever female only European freestyle competition.  This is an unofficial European stop, not yet recognised by the EFPT – but with the hope that it will attract sponsors for future years to pay for official licensing.
The Femipleasure Queen of the wind event is the hottest news in the female windsurfing world right now.  Other than the PWA round at Fuerteventura, there is no other serious professional arena for the top female international talent to do battle.  It might not have official EFPT backing this year, but this marks the beginning of a new generation of female competitions.
Likely to be packed with formidable UK riders back from their seasons and the PWA tour, the European female freestyle standard has been growing exponentially and the competition is expected to really demonstrate this in front of our home crowd.  The organisers at XPLG have pushed to bring competition to the fairer sex to bring more credibility to the European ladies freestyle scene and no doubt this will be the norm across all the EFPT events in the future.
Men’s – Centaur King of the Wind (4 day event) – European Freestyle Pro Tour Final Showdown €5000 prize money
Men’s – Tow-in night super session in conjunction with the council Bonfire Night celebrations, estimated 15,000 spectators!!! Schedule for that is tow-in followed by fireworks from the a barge in the sea followed by global party!
Ladies – Femi Pleasure Queen of the Wind (2 day event) – €250 prize money and epic stash prizes from Femi Pleasure
2x Global Rave VIP Parties
1x Chillout Acoustic/Movie night

Event Date/Time 11/3/2012 06:56 to 11/6/2012 07:56
Host UK
Location Weymouth
Event Type Windsurfing