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Surf4you Open Cup 2013

Event Description
Free-slalom windsurfing competition
International Windsurfing School SURF FOR YOU Co., Ltd
Rules of the Race:
Each racer can use no more than two boards and three sails during the competition. This equipment should be registered before the beginning of races. Racers can use any boards, width no more than 85 cm and any sails which size does not exceed 10 square meters.
Competition are conducted at speed of a wind not less than 7 m/s at start and not less than 6 m/s during races. The maximum strength of wind, when races can be cancelled, is defined by the main judge, but it is can’t be less than 16 m/s.
All responsibility for safety of the equipment, health and a life of participants depends on participants. Race’s organizers and judges do not take responsibility for any incidents, the accidents occurring to racers during the competition.
Racers using the equipment of windsurf station “Surf4you”, takes a personal responsibility for its safety.
Any questions can be addressed to the race-director of competition – AndreI ZabolotnyI,
Tel.: +84 1233397716, e-mail: s4ygroup@gmail.com
Event Date/Time 1/7/2013 10:00 to 1/8/2013 20:00
Host Vietnam
Location Phan Thiet, Mui-Ne, 90 Huynh Thuc Khang
Event Type Windsurfing