mentawai trekking siberut



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Day 1

  • Leave Muaro Padang Harbour at 8 pm, taking the overnight ferry boat to Siberut.
  • Watch out for dolphins and flying fish, they can often be seen.

Day 2

  • Arrive at Siberut in the early morning around 7 AM, where we will have a breakfast and a “mandi”.
  • 10 AM departure by a small tailboat for a 3 or 4 hours of sailing the river deep into the jungle.
  • Trek for about 1 to 2 hours through to the jungle to our first Mentawaians village.

Day 3 – 4

Depending on the group members we will stay at either one or two Mentawai’s uma (traditional house), this will allow far closer familiarity and interaction with the Mentawai people. Each day will be filled with variety of activities such as loin cloth making, fishing, sago processing, basket weaving, bracelet making and making poisons for their traditional weapons such as arrows and spears. And we will trek following them to the jungle for some 2 or 3 hours, to hunt and to gather vegetables and plants. On many occasions its also possible to see a Mentawaians ceremony, usually happens with all the village community gather together to sing and dance in their traditional dress. And usually this ceremony will be held under the supervision of the village’s Sikerei ( Medicine Man )

Day 5

  • We will trek for 2 hours to Badrogot village
  • Take a small sail boat back to Muara Siberut
  • Ferry to Padang. Usually the ferry will depart at 8 PM

Day 6

  • We will arrive at Padang at about 8 AM.